Backsplash recolours – Part 2

Backsplash recolours of Novvvas’ Pacific Tile Collection to match MINC’s lovely C-Series and S-Series kitchens.

Pictures & Downloads

Backsplash recolours – Part 1

I’ve made a few recolours of Novvvas’ Pacific Tile Collection backsplash to match Peacemaker’s lovely Shaker Kitchen.


More pictures and download links here.

Marble table top recolour

I absolutely love Minc’s S-Series kitchen but wanted a table to match and couldn’t find one. So I recoloured Blackgryffin’s Mega Table and I LOVE the result, so clean and crisp.

And here’s the table with Minc’s kitchen in the background:

If you’d also like the table make sure you download Blackgryffin’s original mesh as my recolour won’t work without it. The link to the kitchen counters is below too:

My recolour (no Adfly)

Blackgryffin’s original mesh

Minc’s S-Series Kitchen