If you’re running out of space to play the Sims, here are your options for storing your data externally

This gets asked a lot on Answers HQ, how do you store your Sims 4 folder on an external drive and your game recognise it as the default location? You may want to do this for various reasons:

  • You have a small internal drive on your Mac, typically 128GB or 256GB.
  • You’re running out of disk space on your internal storage and need to move some user data off your Mac.
  • You want to play on more than one Mac so therefore having your Sims 4 folder on an external thumb drive is more appealing to you.

Currently, and ever since it was launched, the game has only ever looked in the user’s Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 folder for files to load for your game. The Sims 4 folder contains your saves, tray files (your in-game library), all CC/Mods if you use them, screenshots taken in-game using C, recorded videos, your in-game graphics options, plus a few other files and folders that make your game unique to you. If the game cannot locate a Sims 4 folder in that location it will create a new one, resulting in a brand new, clean game when you launch it.

iCloud Drive users:
If you have been using iCloud Drive to store your Documents folder in the cloud but suddenly the game starts creating new games, this is because your internal storage is very full. Up until that point your Mac has been keeping the files locally as well as in the cloud which is why your game is happily loading all your saved games. There is no way round this unless you free up more space on your Mac or choose one of the following options. Here is a great article explaining how it works in more depth.

To store your Sims 4 folder, or the entire Electronic Arts folder if you wish, externally there are two options available:

  1. Using an app called MacDropAny to store your folders and files in online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, iCloud (separate to setting up your Mac to use iCloud Drive in System Preferences), or any other compatible online storage.
  2. Creating a symbolic link (symlink) on your Mac to store the folders and files on an external device.

There are pros and cons to each option –

  • MacDropAny online method:
    • Pro – very quick and easy to set up
    • Pro – automatic syncing, no need for you to do anything once it is set up
    • Pro – ability to upgrade online storage if you need more space
    • Pro – preferable if you play on multiple Macs
    • Con – needs an internet connection
    • Con – if you have metered internet usage it may end up costing you extra
    • Con – if you lose access to your online storage account, you lose access to your Sims 4 user data
  • Symlink method:
    • Pro – storing your Sims 4 data on a physical external drive you can take anywhere with you
    • Pro – data automatically stored on the external, no need to manually move files around
    • Pro – Faster read/write speeds if you use a USB-C/Thunderbolt drive and have slow internet
    • Pro – you can install the actual game on the external drive before setting up the symlink, thereby keeping the game and your data all in one place
    • Con – can be a complicated process for less tech. minded users
    • Con – if you lose the drive, you lose your data

If this is something you feel you want to do I have written extensive guides on how to set up both methods:

MacDropAny method

Symlink method