PC users get a Sims 3 update, nothing for Mac users

Oh look, a new update for The Sims 3, how exciting! Oh wait, it’s only for Windows users and introduces a new Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager.

Mac users on most post 2013 Macs cannot play the game due to their graphics cards being unsupported. This is well known among Mac players and EA are aware of it. It is posted about on a daily basis on the official games forum and AHQ. People are still buying the game as according to the system requirements it will be fully compatible on their Mac, but it isn’t. If you have no idea what I’m talking about just read my page here.

Here’s what I think. I think that EA are no longer using the 3rd party they used for the Cider wrapping of the game so there is no one at EA who actually knows how to patch it. They’re hoping that over time Mac users will just stop moaning and buy Sims 4 or disappear altogether. Well, it’s been two years now and people are still buying the game, only to find out that it is not compatible on their new Mac. I know this because I am replying to their posts on the forums, daily.

Prove me wrong EA, go that extra mile and actually help your Mac user base rather than hope we all crawl away, never to come back (or buy Windows machines instead). While you’re at it, how about releasing that patch for Sims 4 which has rendered the game unplayable for those with NVIDIA 512MB GPUs on OS X El Capitan? You know, the one that will have taken you over two months to fix. Yep, that’s another massive group of Mac users who aren’t able to play the game they paid EA for.

At least Sims 4 is 64 bit in OS X though. They did something right.


3 thoughts on “PC users get a Sims 3 update, nothing for Mac users

  1. I have a windows PC nd whenever there is an update for the sims 3 or anything for the sims 3 I have problems with it and the funny thing is when I go into help they insist that I have a Mac. I think I would know if I did. How stupid is that? Anyway EA has always not been fair with the Mac people. They really should step up their game. (pun intended!)


  2. From what I heard, it’s JUST an Exp/Stuff Pack manager, but it forces Windows users to run Origin in the background and has apparently broken the game for at least some Windows users. Meanwhile, my Sims 3 game runs fine on El Capitan, even without this latest “patch” which (again, from what I heard) doesn’t fix any actual bugs.


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