Sims 4 patch for macOS Catalina players

EA have released a small but very important patch today (23 October 2019) for Mac only. This addresses the issues arising through Apple’s security updates in 10.15 Catalina, specifically:

  • Game not having full access to the Documents folder resulting in user data not loading properly
  • Origin error message stating that the game is already running
  • Error Code 0 when trying to save

After updating you should be prompted to allow the Sims 4 access to your Documents folder. You MUST grant access for your game to correctly load your data.

Get patching! (But not if you are running Lion).


2 thoughts on “Sims 4 patch for macOS Catalina players

  1. Thank you BluebellFlora for sharing this information. I did install Mac OS 10.15 Catalina as a clean install entirely erasing my hard drive. I re-downloading all the Sims 4 game, expansions and packs. The downloading process took over several days as some times the downloads didn’t work. Every time I start my game since then I have had to delete my sims 4 folder in documents to restart the game. With this patch it started right up with no problems. Thank you again for sharing this information!


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