No more Sims 4 Legacy Edition but a native Apple silicon version finally. The April 2023 patch brings big updates.

EA released a big patch for The Sims 4 today, 18 April 2023, patch no. Not big in size (around 500MB) but big on impact.

The Sims 4 Legacy Edition – It was announced back in November 2022 that the Legacy Edition (LE) of the game would be sunset. As of 12 December 2022 the LE was no longer available to download although users could still play it if it was already installed on their machine. From today the LE version of the game will no longer run, even if installed. The game will now only run on Metal supported Macs (2012 models or later, or earlier upgradeable Mac Pros).

Apple silicon equipped Macs (M1, M2 etc.) – The game is now natively supported, no need for Rosetta 2 to translate the Intel version.


Sims 4 patch for macOS Catalina players

EA have released a small but very important patch today (23 October 2019) for Mac only. This addresses the issues arising through Apple’s security updates in 10.15 Catalina, specifically:

  • Game not having full access to the Documents folder resulting in user data not loading properly
  • Origin error message stating that the game is already running
  • Error Code 0 when trying to save

After updating you should be prompted to allow the Sims 4 access to your Documents folder. You MUST grant access for your game to correctly load your data.

Get patching! (But not if you are running Lion).

Sims 4 November patch

Update 13/11/18 – The patch is out! And upside down screenshots are fixed!! You can read the full patch notes here.

The November patch will be released next Tuesday 13th and is going to be BIG. We haven’t had a patch since August so this one is long overdue. This is a lot of stuff we’re getting. As always, remember to move out your Mods folder before updating – you have been warned 😀

In the patch you can expect:

Get Famous update
We will get a pre-release update to ready our base game. This is nothing new and has happened before the release of all previous packs.

Bug fixes
We don’t know what they are but fingers crossed there are lots of juicy fixes. Maybe the upside down screenshots will be fixed?

Terrain Tools
We finally get to alter the terrain in Lots. This was shown in a recent stream and it looks very, very cool.

Python update
EA/Maxis are updating the version of Python used by the game from 3.3.5 to 3.70. This is a really big deal for script mod creators as all current versions of script mods will no longer work. Thankfully SimGuruModSquad has given plenty of notice so most creators are busy updating their mods so they will carry on working. You can read more about it here.

What does this mean for those using script mods? You must move out all mods with the .ts4script extension from your Mods folder before patching your game. After updating check the creator’s page for an updated version of the file to add back into your Mods folder. If the creator has not updated it then do not add back the old version – it will not work.

First Person Camera
Just announced today, you can now switch to first person camera view in live mode. If you get motion sickness this definitely isn’t for you.

So, that is a lot of stuff we’re getting. As always, remember to move out your Mods folder before updating – you have been warned 😀