It’s the little things

I love the ability to raise and lower objects using CTRL + 9 or 0 in The Sims 4. It’s a very cool little addition to using MOO. I used it on the shelf of plants in this picture because they couldn’t all be placed properly:Kitchen As soon as I used the higher wall heights in building I thought how cool it would be to add stuff on top of the cabinets. In my kitchen in RL my kitchen cabinets have wicker baskets stored on top of them and they look so lovely.  I started adding objects using CTRL + 9 but when you zoom in and out some objects look like they’re floating in mid air which just annoyed me. I tried placing shelves just below the top of the cabinet but couldn’t get them to place properly either. And then today I saw a thread in the TS4 Build/Buy Custom Content forum showing a mod which could add placeable slots to the top of cabinets – Yay!

I don’t use any CC in my game and only have one mod, Shimrod101’s No Blur in the Distance one for getting rid of EA’s stupid blurry backgrounds. I like my clean and hassle free game. But I couldn’t resist this cabinet one and got straight to work adding trains, cars and boats to the top of my cabinets: CabinetsI think they look great. You can download _orangemittens_ fabulous mod from The Sims 4 Studio here.

Sims 4 on a Mac – Major Bugs update

Grey and opaque windows

All non-Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs with integrated Intel graphics which have Laptop Mode enabled in the in-game Graphics Options are experiencing grey/opaque windows. When Laptop Mode is disabled the windows appear normal but performance is diminished. Some are reporting that their games crash if they do not have Laptop Mode enabled.

  • All 11″ MacBook Airs from early 2011 to present
  • All 13″ MacBook Airs from early 2011 to present
  • All 13″ MacBook Pros from early 2011 to present
  • Mid 2014 15″ MacBook Pro 2.2GHz Intel Core i7

I suspect this is causing an awful lot of the crashing issues people are reporting without realising it’s their graphics card causing it.

There is no solution at the moment. If your game is affected by this you have to decide whether you want decent looking windows with poor overall performance or bugged windows with good overall performance. We have a thread on the Mac forum detailing Macs affected in the hope EA see it and release a patch. The more posters we get reporting this issue the sooner EA will release a patch, hopefully!

Intel HD 4000

This issue is still ongoing. Please read my previous blog post about a workaround if you have changed your Graphics Options and cannot now launch your game. EA are aware of this issue but have not yet released a patch.


CC and Mods causing the game to crash

SimGuruModSquad acknowledged that there were errors in the game which were causing crashes for people who use CC and/or Mods. A patch was released today to fix some of these errors but EA are still working on resolving the issue . If you are affected please head over to the stickied thread on the Mac forum for updates.