Boxy shadows under Sim since 1.58 patch

Do you have these horrible shadows under your Sims since downloading the Discover University patch?

thanks to Ryguy2707 for the screenshot

You can get rid of them in several ways like enabling laptop mode or disabling post processing effects. My preferred method is to edit the GraphicsRules.sgr file as it does not affect any other graphics settings. You will need to apply this fix after each patch update as the file will be replaced (or until EA fix the problem):

  1. Follow these instructions to make copies of the graphics files and add them to your Sims 4 folder –
  2. Open the GraphicsRules.sgr file with TextEdit
  3. Hold down CMD and F to bring up the search box and enter SSAO
  4. There should be four results of SsaoEnabled that come up
  5. Make sure the value next to it is false for each instance:
    prop $ConfigGroup SsaoEnabled false
  6. Close the file, it should automatically save

They should now be gone!


16 thoughts on “Boxy shadows under Sim since 1.58 patch

  1. Hi, I tried this and I just want to make sure that if three of the values are true should I change them to false ? Thank you in advance.


  2. So when I get to GraphicsCards.sgr and CMD F to search SSAO, it cannot find anything thats says “SSAO”. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks!


  3. I don’t have my sims 4 game in the applications folder just origin, I’ve tried finding this in documents where my sims 4 files are and I can’t find it, any help?


      1. So I put them all false and now it’s saying I don’t have some packs installed…I can’t play now 😦 anyone else? Pls help


        1. editing the SSAO would have no bearing at all on your packs. Have you moved something around? The Sims 4 app and The Sims 4 Packs folder containing your DLC MUST be in the same Applications folder.


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